Check Out the Latest Updates!! Last Update 12/09/04
Added Daily News Updates / Prophecy Watch

Added Zeus Memorial (My Dog Died)

Modified Scroll Bar Colors 

Added Newsletters from Kirk Cameron (Home Page)

Added Movie Reviews and more...

Added Christian News Feed from FTN

Added eCards 

Added Chat Rooms

Added A Rapture Tunes Music Sampler! - Listen to the music used throughout the site in one place!   

Added NEW Worthy News NewsFeed - Faster, Reliable and Up to the Minute!   

Added NEW REV19 Web Template with Mustangs! The Four Horses of the Apocalypse!   

Added News Video Feeds and updated week in pictures to News Page   

Added new text - The Bible DOES Foretell the future!   

Updated the All Been Ready Backdrop - Very COOL!    

Added NEW Web Design Offers!   

Added new rapture/ trib discussion forum   

Added link to us feature with logo and banner.    

Added new content and trailer to The Passion page.    

Added this week still movie content to World News page   

Added a new intro to our domain.    

Resources page is completely updated with new research content and links.   

Added Enhanced ACCURATE Site Search capabilities and MSN web search

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