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One of the movies our oldest boy Jason helped make!

Filmed right here in Spokane at Rogers High School!

LATEST Release - AVAILABLE June 29th!

It is after the rapture, Evil HAS been unleashed,

You MUST take the mark, or be marked for EXECUTION!

SIX - The Mark Unleashed - June 29th 2004

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Awesome movies you can watch or download, provided by TBN. If you don't have it installed already, you will need RealPlayer to view these. 

Just click on the title to watch live streaming video, or download and watch when you want to!

Featured Productions Including MEGIDDO - The AntiChrist IS COMING!

Now Featuring
Megiddo - The Omega Code 2
The thrilling sequel to "The Omega Code" (106 min).
[download file / 468 mb]
The Omega Code
Not just a movie....a Miracle (100 min).
[download file / 411 mb]
The Revolutionary
See this film, about a revolutionary man named Jesus (51 min).
[download file / 203 mb]
The Revolutionary II
Part two of the short film about Jesus's life (52 min).
[download file / 211 mb]
Carman The Champion
Faith gives him the strength to fight for his dreams. (90 min).
[download file / 399 mb]
Carman - Mission 3:16
Filmed around the world, Mission 3:16 is an action-packed journey in song (120 min).
[download file / 508 mb]
Carman - Hymns
Carman's special performance of Hymn's (59 min).
[download file / 252 mb]
The Emissary
Paul's mission, and his calling in life to serve the Lord! (57 min).
[download file / 217 mb]
More Than a Carpenter
Explore the truth in this man they call Jesus (57 min).
[download file / 243 mb]
Too Young to Die
Josh McDowell explains why some great people have died (58 min).
[download file / 246 mb]
Ray Boltz
Ray Boltz in concert! (41 min).
[download file / 189 mb]
Angels - Miraculous Messengers
Learn about God's angelic messengers (118 min).
[download file / 499 mb]
Praise Highlights
Highlights Of Praise and worship aired on TBN in 1999 (120 min).
[download file / 494 mb]
To Hell and Back
Dr. Maurice Rawlings explores our life after death (88 min).
[download file / 371 mb]
Hal Lindsey
The Resurrection on Trial (60 min).
[download file / 255 mb]
Kathryn Kuhlman
Kathryn Kuhlman, the amazing woman teacher of the word (59 min).
[download file / 250 mb]
No More Tears
As told by Jan Crouch on the banks of the sea of Galilee about depression (46 min).
[download file / 198 mb]
The China Cry
A gripping story of love, struggle and flight to freedom.(137 min).
[download file / 568 mb]
The Smile of a Child
Provides toys to thousands of hurting children in need around the world(5 min).
[download file / 198 mb]
Virtual Memory
The Bible trivia game show (27 min).
[download file / 118 mb]



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