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Sharing your Faith


How to communicate our faith in Jesus - Online & Off

Sharing our faith is often one of the hardest things to do.
Long long ago, when radios were called 'wirelesses', there was a BBC presenter called Gilbert Harding, who did not suffer fools gladly. He needed to apply for a visa to USA. This was the time soon after the second War, when there was great fear of communist subversion. One of the questions on the visa application read, "Do you plan to attempt to overthrow the Government of the United States by force?" Harding wrote, "Sole purpose of visit." And got his visa.

Each of us has a visa to visit earth, with the sole purpose of overthrowing the kingdom of darkness. For some, it is just a short stay - I think of children who have only stayed for three months, ten or fifteen years. Others have remained for 80 or 90 years. The Visa-Giver knows what is best.

We realise that telling others should be a priority for us, and often feel compelled to witness through guilt. Or feel even more guilty because we don't!

Here are resources to help with effective evangelism:

  • I Hate Witnessing - recommended book by Dick Innes - soon you'll also be able to listen to a companion tape online. It clearly addresses the guilt issue too!
This detailed resource Guide is primarily about online witness and the huge opportunity the Internet gives you for sharing your faith. But many of the sections in this guide apply to other types of Christian communication too - learning how people become Christians, giving your testimony, understanding and relating to the culture around you.
The Internet has become a powerful tool for us to use in evangelism. These resource pages explain strategies for using it - principles of communication which often apply equally to other forms of outreach too. You can also easily integrate these pages into your own site with a few lines of code.