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Today we buried my grandson Caden James. It was a beautiful service held at graveside. The Pastor gave an inspiring eulogy and amidst the tears, pain and sorrow apparent on many of the faces, his delivery was uplifting and reminiscent of the many times forgotten thoughts we all are to have. So many times we get so caught up in questions, we forget the truly important answers.

It was one of the most difficult things I have ever done. All the problems of life seemed so distant. I felt so much pain in so many different ways, it is hard to describe. For myself it was great loss. For the father ( my son ) I felt such deep pain for him because he is my son and because I can only imagine his pain. The greatness of my own only helped me realize how deep theirs must run. 

While we all must grieve - a necessary process, we can rest knowing that he is in the arms of Jesus. They are playing by the river of life, and Caden has already met a few of his family members that have already gone home to be with the Lord.

As a parent and grandparent I want to encourage my kids to go on with their life. Know that it will be ok, and the best gift they can give Caden James now is a little brother or sister. How about twins!!

Guess What Mommy & Daddy!

Guess what mommy & daddy,
Heaven is SO great!
And I know Just like Grandpa Jim says,
There's not much longer to wait,

Guess what mommy & daddy,
I have a guardian angel who comes at night,
I told him I wanted to go,
But the times was just not right,

Guess what mommy & daddy,
My angel came this morning,
While you were still in bed,
He came with a warning,

Guess what mommy & daddy,
When you were finally out of sight,
I told my angel,
That now the time is just right,

Guess what mommy & daddy,
When you still didn't know I was gone,
My angel put his hand in mine,
And I felt so happy & fine,

Guess what mommy & daddy,
When the hospital called, I saw you crying from above,
I saw daddy & how scared he was,
And I knew how much I was loved,

Guess what mommy & daddy,
On the way to the hospital I heard you pray,
Don't let them bring me back,
I know you don't want God to take me away.

Guess what mommy & daddy,
I saw you into the delivery room, and ask if I was gone,
I saw the look on your face when the nurse so sadly said yes,
You both looked like you'd never go on,

Guess what mommy & daddy,
I saw both of you holding me tight,
I kissed you good-bye with all my love,
And I tried to tell you that I was alright,

Guess what mommy & daddy,
In Heaven there is no pain,
I want you to know you can go on with your life,
And please do not feel drained,

Guess what mommy & daddy,
Jesus, my Angel and I watch over you your all your days through,
I get to help and be like your guardian angel,
Just because, I LOVE YOU!!